07 May 2009

Blog Number Twenty-Seven: An Open Letter To...(you know who you are)

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HOLY SHIT! Are you fucking kidding me? 

The bastard blog of the World-Wide-Inter-Web is FUCKING BACK BITCHES!

All you haters, non-believers, stalkers, and general ignorant assholes step the fuck aside!

The Razor's Edge is back from a self-imposed 483-day hiatus to walk the Earth like Cain and study transcendental meditation with the Marharasi.

Instead of that fucking hippie bullshit, the Edge is back screaming for vengence Judas Priest-style, spew the venom of a thousand pissed off cobras during breeding season. 

The Edge is back ready to shoot first and ask questions later like police officers around the US misusing their power in cases of racial profiling.

The Edge, dear loyal reader, is just plain back goddammit!


Quote of the Day:
-Tom Sanders (Michael Douglas), "Disclosure"


This is not going to be your normal, run-of-the-mill, kill-everyone-with-verbal-daggers-type-blog.  As the two or three readers of this pseudo-journalistic abortion called a blog knows, we here at the Edge tears a Tera-Patrick-size asshole into anyone and everyone who speaks wrong, does wrong, or just plain is wrong. But this time, dear loyal reader, our target of choice is a lot more stylized...a lot more introspective..a lot more...personal.

This is an open letter...you know who you are.

Dear (you know who you are),
The crew has never allowed me to blog about you in fear of legal repercussions. 

Fucking pussies. 

I have been silent too long about you. 
I have been like a Zen surfer-ninja, waiting for the perfect wave to attack.  
I have been waiting in the shadows...waiting for a chance to strike.

Now is my time to finally tell the truth to any and all interested parties.
Now is my time to unburden myself with this yoke I have carried for so long.
My time for redemption is now.

First and foremost, I never left because of what we mutually share together. 
I would never shirk responsibility as monumental as that. 

I left because of you.
I could not stay for her and have an amicable business relationship with you at the same time.
It would not have been healthy for her, as well as us.

She, from what I've heard, is in a good place..emotionally, finnancially.
He is good to her, and for that he has my respect and admiration.
For the record, I have no ill will or bad juju toward him.

When the time comes, she will have questions, and I will be honored to answer them.
And when that times comes, he and I will have to have a good-ol' fashioned sit down and discuss things.

I want NO contact with you!
No facebook, no myspace, no smoke signals.
Get his permission before you contact, at least, before you contact me.

In closing, remember the most simplistic irony to this whole situation:

Everytime you look at her, you will think of me.
My blood courses through her veins.
I am her...and she is me.

--i'm done, stick a fork in me--

19 February 2008


As always, any questions, complaints, or suggestions can be sent to razorsedgeblog@gmail.com. ALL emails will read, disseminated, and laughed at by our crack staff before we answer them...on crack.


I have seen a lot of historic things in my young 37-year-old life. I remember watching President Ronald Reagan, in a defiant speech, tell then the world, "Mr. Gorborchev, tear this wall down." The Berlin Wall came down on 10 November 1989, reuniting East and West Germany.
I remember Saddam Hussein finally being ousted from his power stronghold in the Middle East. I remember in 2003 Idi Amin, the butcher of Uganda, dying of "multiple organ failure." I will always remember, and never forget, approximately 3,000 die on 11 Spetember 2001.

I never thought I would ever see what has happened today.

In an overnight declaration, Fidel Castro has resigned his post as president of Cuba.

Fidel Castro has been hailed by some and hated by others. Castro will always be known as an iconic leader during the Cold War, as well as a brutal dictator to some of his countrymen, and a survivor of 10 U.S. administrations trying to unseat him from his seat of power.
The picture above is credited to Jose Goitia working for AP. It was taken from a msnbc.com story written by MSNBC News Services. All linked text was taken from a BBC News Story from bbc.com, written by the BBC News Department. Other information or links have been taken from HistoryChannel.com, the African History section of about.com, or from the respective news sources listed previously.

19 January 2008

Blog Number Twenty-Five: Shadow Love and Random Thoughts

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Before we get to the topics at hand, WE'RE FUCKING BACK BITCHES!!!!

As you, the loyal reader of this blog, have noticed, we, the crew of the Razor's Edge blog, have been on a hiatus. Honestly, it's taken us this long to come up with anything halfway creative...but I digress from the failed attempt at biting cynical, sarcastic humor.

In ten months and four days we have been on a non-so much spiritual journey, we have found that, as previously mentioned in our last blog, change is a good thing. The very blog, in which you read currently, will morph into more of a slice-of-life blog more than a political arena in which to vent my absolute loathing and hatred for the United States political system.

Now, now, now, kind reader, before you riot in the streets against this decision of the crew, there will, of course be biting commentary on how our government has fucked up this land I love. My, God, there is an election coming up and, if that fucking bitch Hilary Clinton is elected as our next President (figurehead) of the United States, I, John McCaurthur, would like to be the first one to verbally cut her down and make as many jokes at her expense as possible. It is not often when an elected official has the possibility to become said elected official because of her gender, not her platforms (and I am not talking shoes here people).


Quote of the Day
-Loki, (Matt Damon) "Dogma"


I was the guy in high school that stood in the corner of a house party and watched everyone have fun. I saw the jocks try to score with the cheerleaders, when they weren't busy trying to beat the shit of of me. I saw the stoners getting high and contemplating why we were here and why the hot chicks never got with us. I saw every known classification of high schooler do their thing with me in the middle wondering why the fuck I was so alone, why I was never a part of anything, why no one gave a fuck about me.

I decided I was a shadow; you remember that guy or gal that was always on the fringe of every cliq or social group but never became because they either didn't want, didn't need, or didn't know how to fit in. I coined the phrase: shadows. Every person who stands in the shadow because that was their comfort bubble...their own island of tranquility no one could hurt them in.

As high went on, I became more and more "in the shadows," I slowly became reliant on stying home and avoiding going and doing the social things normal high schoolers did. I was alone, in my room, discovering writing and heavy metal and slicing my thighs with knives (I have the scars to prove it). The pain lasting a few seconds, but when the blood flowed it was exhilarating. It was similar to the emotional feeling of looking a stripper in the eyes, dead-to-rights, while she is grinding you during the best lap-dance you have ever received.

There were girls at school I developed crushes on; look at them so hard, and then turn away in embarrassment, shyness, or just plain humiliation that your secret would be exposed for your peeps to laugh at, ridicule you for your "shadow love."

Nothing is different now. I look at some girls and want them with such extreme lust, passion, and sexual desire the jumbled emotions within my celibate mind would flip a switch, causing the wanted emotions to turn into unwanted emotions and force myself to become more dependant on rum, tequilia, and creating an iron-clad front of isolationism and self-loathing.

No one, it seems, can save me...in the shadows I am content to stay.


so, without further ado...from omegaman's bs ranch in farmington, new mexico, we bring you:

--random thoughts--

*one...the body of actor heath ledger was found in his apartment tuesday (15 jan 2008) from an alleged drug overdose. he was 28. he leaves behind his 2-year-old daughter, and other family members. if ledger's apparent drug o.d. is confirmed, that motherfucker deserves to rot in hell. he had a 2-year-old daughter, for chirst's sake!

**two...are you listening to that silence, britney spears? that's heath ledger being dead. this is what happens when you continue being a white-trash whore and NOT look unto the benefit of your kids. this could happen to you, brit. and then what are you going to do? cry in hell because you fucked up? and stop blaming your so-called "bi-polar" for getting you in the messes you have gotten in. STOP BEING A BITCH, BRITNEY! go to many rehab sessions, TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS, and, lastly, STOP BEING A WHITE TRASH WHORE!

***three...barack obama literally bitch-slapped hilary clinton in the south carolina primary last week, 55% to hilary's dismal 37%. is hilary done for? no, unfortunately, because women still flock to her in droves. i cannot understand why. she has no real or constructive politics as a base for her presidental platform, and she allegedly faked crying to win in new hampshire. i hope barack obama wins the whole enchilada, then hilary will be left trying to explain why her negative, racially-charged attempts at negative advertisements didn't work to secure a nod for the white house.

****four...arguably, tom brady of the afc champion new england patriots is the best quarterback to play professional american football in my lifetime. in that same vein, he is the biggest motherfucker i have ever seen. how, in one year, can brady knock up bridget moynahan, break up with her, and then start fucking gisele bündchen? he better win this sunday...or gisele is my goddammit!

*****five..."60 Minutes" reporter and all-around journalism god, mike wallace, has undergone triple-bypass surgery according to imdb.com. according to the story, wallace is walking around and his doctors praise the procedure as a "great success." we here at the edge would like to forward our get-well wishes to mr. wallace...a true icon in journalism.

******six...of course, dear reader, half-naked chicks will still abound this great blog!

--i'm done, stick a fork in me--


Certain factual things have been taken from other sources such as msnbc.com, imdb.com, tnawrestling.com, and the like. Links have been embedded into the above text and pics.

15 March 2007

Blog Number Twenty-Four: Change, Dreams, and Random Thoughts

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Before we get to the topics at hand, WE'RE FUCKING BACK BITCHES!!!! Two goddamn months is too goddamn LONG to not write a blog and attempt to be competitive with other blogs around. Honestly, who really gives a fuck about the other blogs around? We here at the Edge are only concerned with this blog and others we personally endorse, which are listed to the right.


Quote of the Day
"I'm not sayin' I'm number one
Oh um, I'm sorry I lied

I'm number one, two, three, four, and five.
-KRS-ONE, "Step Into A World," A Retrospective

Change is an inevitable part of life; sometimes change is heralded, other times it's hated. And, for the most part, change brings law and order into an already chaotic life situation when no other rationality can be achieved to breed peace.

In the case of The Razor's Edge, change is always welcomed. Someone told me once the phrase "Adapt or Die" isn't necessarily exclusive to explain the basic concept of evolution. In this industry, if you will, one must always be willing to change when something just plainly doesn't work.

With that being said, there will be major changes to this blog. Some changes will be as simple as better english grammar (or grammer, we'll still working on that), or as complex as the overall new vision and direction of this blog. Stay tuned and be patient, change is a good thing. Any questions, complaints, or suggestions can be sent to razorsedgeblog@gmail.com.


If you are a living homosapian with a relatively regular pulse and is currently breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth, then you sir and madam are capable of experiencing dreams. One can experience dreams through the obligatory REM sleep or through the physical world by hard work, determination, and balls the size of grapefruits. To achieve dreams in the physical, following your given path via fate and destiny is always a good thing.

Take our good friend, and resident rock goddess Rhayna, The Mistress of Rock. All she has ever wanted to do is be a success in life by being in the music (rock, gaddammit, rock!!) industry. Ever since she was a young high school hottie in a cheerleader outfit (trust me, I looked for a photo on her blog, it's not there), she was a rocker at heart. She has always wanted to work for KISW in Seattle, and now she does because she has worked that ass of hers off to get there.

On 2 February 2007, she accomplished another dream of hers.

Zakk Wylde and the Black Label Society
invaded El Corazon, the old Off Ramp in Seattle. Go over to Rhayna's blog and read the whole story; I'll ruin the ending of the story.

Our own Rhayna go to sing with BLS!

Look everybody! Our little Rhayna has all growns up!

With all shtick aside, I could not be prouder to call Rhayna a friend, a fellow Coug, or even a great person to know. This dream could not happen to a more deserving, more awesome person as Rhayna.

We here at The Razor's Edge wish all continued success to Rhayna and, quite frankly, if Ozzfest does not invite Rhayna to sing on one of the stages this Summer when the tour comes into the Seattle Area.

Hey Rhayna, we here at the Edge are proud of you and honored to call you friend.


so, without further ado...from omegaman's bs ranch in farmington, new mexico, we bring to you:

--random thoughts--

*one...let's be honest: wikipedia is the most worthless, piece-of-shit website ever constructed (next to the britney spears website sponsored by the white trash whores of america). for those of you who don't know, wikipedia is a web-only, largely user-managed encyclopedia that does not edit wrong information. according to a 16 March 2007 AP article, some stupid motherfucker decided to edit a wikipedia article on the "comedian" sinbad and incorrectly declared he he had died. strangely enough, the false report of sinbad's physical death does accurately match his career. DEAD!

**two...THE washington state men's basketball team received its first ncaa tourneyment win since 1983 by disposing of oral roberts earlier today 70-to-54. and you're surprised they pulled it out? i am too, especially when the team was colder than some of my ex-girlfriends in the first half. at one point, he cougs were 0-and-3 from 3-ball land for, it seemed, an eternity. next up is a VERY tough vanderbilt team on sat. afternoon.

***three...did you really did think this blog would devoid of pics of half-naked chicks?

--i'm done; stick a fork in me--


All information in this blog have been taken from other sources. The corresponding links are embedded in the text.

19 January 2007

Blog Number Twenty-Three: New Year's Resolutions and Random Thoughts

As always, any questions, concerns, complaints, or suggestions can be sent to razorsedgeblog@gmail.com. ALL emails will read, disseminated, and laughed at by our crack staff before we answer them...on crack.

Before we get to the topics at hand, WE'RE FUCKING BACK BITCHES!!!! After an extremely LONG holiday hiatus, The Razor's Edge is back with a whole new blog.

It is now 2007, and The Razor's Edge has many surprises in the New Year for you two or three readers of this bastard blog on the interweb. Yes, the full version of the website is on the agenda, as well as the audio podcast version of this here blog (no, seriously). Stay tuned for all the new changes and, as always, feel free to suggest anything by emailing us at the addy above.


Quote of the Day
"You can say a lot of things about Sony but stupid isn't one of them. Well, most of the time anyway. There is no way that Sony can ignore the boost that porn can give the Blu-ray format."
-Martin Lynch of IDG news service speaking about Sony's refusal of disc replicators to make porn DVD's in the Blu-Ray format.


Normally around this time of the year, we here at the Edge prefer to nurse our big time New Year's hangovers and ready ourselves for the SuperBowl drinking fest in February. However, since this is the first time we've had the chance to really think about New Year's Resolutions, or even contemplate their significance on society in general, we here at the Edge have, at least, come up with one theory: New Year's Resolutions fucking suck! What the hell is the point of making fake promises to yourself,
or anyone else for that matter, you'll never keep.

But, alas, we have though about a few that might be accomplished by our crack staff this year (hey man, stranger things have happened):

1. a new website with easy navigation and seemless, quick download for those still stuck in the 80's using dial-up or, even worse, DSL

2. a podcast accompaniment for this blog
3. actually making 1 and 2 happen because we (i mean i) have promised it for so damn long
4. more of the pics you love and desire courtesy of our favorites like maxim, fhm and fhmus, stuff, gq uk, and others.

Any suggestions to our "list" of New Year's Resolutions? Send an
email to to addy above.


so, without further ado...from omegaman's bs ranch in farmington, new mexico, we bring to you:

--random thoughts--

*one...according to msnbc.com, james waller was set free after serving a 12-year sentence of rape of a minor. a judge in the great state of texas (sarcasm) found that using DNA tests against the DNA samples in the original trial did not match the DNA of waller, and therefore the judge ruled waller must be set free. waller, released earlier this week, was the 12th person exonerated of his crimes using this new DNA test in dallas county.

am i the only person in this world that still believes texas produces only CERTAIN kinds of people: those most likely to get arrested for cooking meth, fucking their family members, or stealing white sheets from the shopping mall because their too poor to buy KKK outfits from their local racistssrus store? texas justice is comprised of rich, white judges trying to incarcerate as many black men as possible so these judges can rape and and slaughter as many proud black women before more black boys and girls are born to help change this racist society we still live in.

two...van halen, rem, and grandmaster flash and the furious five will be inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame 12 march. no witty thing to say here...three great, pioneering forces in music from three different genres will be honored for their achievements in music.

three...spain has rejected a colombian woman's application for citizenship friday (19 jan) because of her first name. spanish law prohibits any person citizenship to its fine country if that person has a name in which might subject the person to ridicule or whose name does not fully clarify gender. it was suggested by the spanish publish registry that darling velez, 33, choose the name of a saint. velez, quoted in a reuters article, said about the rejection, "my name is part of my personality. if they force me to change it, i'll change it to a basque name and see what they say then."


see what happens when your own egoism gets the better of you?

second, a plea to this "darling" chick: if you really want to move to el espana, CHANGE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING NAME YOU STUPID BITCH!!!

--i'm done; stick a fork in me--


All information in this blog have been taken from other sources. The corresponding links are embedded in the text.

20 October 2006

Blog Number Twenty-Two: Julia Wilson, Canadian Military, Wal-Mart, and Random Thoughts

As always, any questions, concerns, complaints, or suggestions can be sent to razorsedgeblog@gmail.com. ALL emails will read, disseminated, and laughed at by our crack staff before we answer them...on crack.

Before we get to the topics at hand, WE'RE FUCKING BACK BITCHES!!!! After a LONG two month hiatus, The Razor's Edge is back with a whole new blog, and we're crankier than ever.

Since the last blog, the mighty Seattle Seahawks are 4-and-1, the Washington State Cougars are 4-and-3, and the St. Louis Cardinals will face the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. To be really honest (and when are we not here at the Edge), who in the blue hell really cares about two mid-market teams that have sucked the past few years and, by all accounts, are making TV executives pull their grey hairs out of their aging scalps? Nobody cares about this World Series. We here at the Edge predict the ratings will be lower than past contests and Detroit will win in five games.


We here at the Razor's Edge believe, without reservation or without fear of retaliation, in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which says:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

In turn, we also believe, without reservation or without fear of retaliation, in the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which says:

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

Basically, the First Amendment guarantees United States citizens the right of free speech and the Fifth Amendment guarantees United States citizens the protection of self incrimination through the right of free speech.

This now brings to Julia Wilson, a fourteen-year-old high school freshman in Sacremento, California. Ms. Wilson posted a picture of President Bush on her Myspace account, scrawled “Kill Bush” across the top and drew a dagger stabbing his outstretched hand. She was disappointed with Bush's handling of the war in Iraq and his policies regarding the war on terror.

Two Secret Service agents pulled Wilson out of class October 11th and questioned her for appoximately 15 minutes or so.

“They yelled at me a lot,” she said, quoted in an AP article on the msnbc.com website. “They were unnecessarily mean.”

She was also quoted as saying she is a peace loving person and she would never kill the President.

“I wasn’t dangerous. I mean, look at what’s (stenciled) on my backpack — it’s a heart. I’m a very peace-loving person."

Hey Julia, are you the stupidiest bitch that has ever lived? You call yourself "peaceful" and yet you called your former Myspace blog "Kill Bush." You got away with the perfect crime! If this was a 14-year old boy who made this page, he would be in juvenile detention awaiting adult charges. But because you are a girl, you get off scott free!

Hope you have fun burning in Hell, you sick, perverse bitch.


In a Reuters article posted 12 October 2006 on the cnn.com website, Canadian troops have been experiencing problems with marijuana in Afghanistan while confronting Taliban fighters. I know what you're thinking (it's the same thing I was when I first read this story), this story is going to turn out just like Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati getting his Gold medal taken away in the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.

Apparently, Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have grown ten-foot marijuana plants and use the chiba-chiba as cover from thermal devices the Canadian military use to hunt down Taliban fighters.

"The challenge is that marijuana plants absorb energy, heat very readily. It's very difficult to penetrate with thermal devices. ... And as a result you really have to be careful that the Taliban don't dodge in and out of those marijuana forests," General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian defense staff, said in a speech in Ottawa, Canada on 12 October 2006.

Hiller went on to say that a few of the plants did catch fire a a few soldiers did breath in the smoke, causing "ill effects."

There's no real witty retort here, nor is there some angry lashing for anyone at this juncture. We here at the Edge just have one question:



I, John McCaurthur, have been a great supporter of Wal-Mart.

Even if the number one retailer in the World underpays their employees at sickening rates, and even if the health benefits the hourly employees receive are far worse than the health benefits ten-year-old boys and girls working in Chinese sweatshops receive, (but that's another rant for a different blog), and even though Wal-Mart tends to "prime" people for management positions based on their gender, race, or sexual orientation, rather than their true abilities, as an answer to countless lawsuits against them for past apparent discrimination, I will still continue to support Wal-Mart.

Although the few really, really, bad things do not, in my opinion, wipe away good the company does for the enviroment, the local communities they move into, or the jobs they bring in, I will continue to support Wal-Mart wholeheartedly.

On the morning of 16 October 2006, nearly 200 employees of Wal-Mart Supercenter store in Hialeah Gardens, Florida walked out of their jobs in protest led by two department managers, Guillermo Vasquez and Rosie Larosa.

According to a Business Week online story republished on msnbc.com, the department managers took associates one by one and told them of their grievances. "Among them were moves to cut the hours of full-time employees from 40 hours a week to 32 hours, along with a corresponding cut in wages, and to compel workers to be available for shifts around the clock. In addition, the shifts would be decided not by managers, but by a computer at company headquarters. Employees could find themselves working 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. one week and noon to 9 p.m. the next."

Vasquez and Larosa asked the associates to take part of the walkout,and, when the smoke cleared, fifteen department managers joined with the employees in the staged walkout and over four-hundred associates by signed the petition that would later be sent to Wal-Mart's home office in Bentonville, Arkansas and another sent to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

I, John McCaurthur, fully endorse any revolution that leads to great change. I firmly believe the Walton family takes heed to this walkout and, as Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart has said, "Listen to our associates."


We here at the Edge have been sitting down in high-level meeting, wondering what we, as a cohesive, blogging juggarnaut, can do to better our product.

We were thinking more photos of hot chicks, but that would be so cliche. I mean, if we here at the Edge continue to degrade blogging as a whole by adding pictures of half-nekkid women, then what would other bloggers think of us?

Would we be reduced to the common fourteen-year-old, stay-in-his-mother's-basement-blogger that gets off on looking at pictures of half-nekkid women because he is to inept to get a half-nekkid woman in his room to masterbate to?

Are we, as serious bloggers, put onto the Earth to degrade women in the fashion of using their sexuality to furthur propagte some sort of sick, perverse marketing point for our blog site? Are we, the Razor's Edge, meant to use the half-nekkid photographs of women to degrade them to a lower class than those of their male counterparts?

Are we, the males of this society, supposted to raise the women of our society onto pedalstools and celebrate their womanhood as strong female archtypes of femininity, strength, and glory?

Ah fuck it, who the hell am I kidding?

More half-nekkid chicks you want, the more half-nekkid chicks you get.


so, without further ado...from omegaman's bs ranch in farmington, new mexico, we bring to you:
--random thoughts--

*one...officials in an elementary school in boston have banned touch football, tag, "and any other unsupervised chase game during recess for fear they'll get hurt and hold the school liable," according to an AP article republished on yahoo! news 18 october 2006.

"I think that it's unfortunate that kids' lives are micromanaged and there are social skills they'll never develop on their own," said Debbie Laferriere, who has two children at Willett, about 40 miles south of Boston. "Playing tag is just part of being a kid."

this mom couldn't be more right. what's next? pass a law saying kids are banned from going outside in fear that the rain will cause them to rust? burn in hell, school officials!

**two...george michael, yeah THAT george michael, says smoking pot "keeps me sane and happy." michael went on the say, while a guest on the "The South Bank Show," that marijuana is "a great drug but obviously not that healthy."

again, there's no real witty retort here, nor is there some angry lashing for anyone at this juncture. hey george, you stashin' over there? hook a brother up yo!

***three...porn star mary carey is an official gubernatorial candidate in california, and, to make matters worse, she is demanding equal time on the tonight show with jay leno. she was quoted in a 20 october 2006 reuters article republished on yahoo! entertainment news as saying, "I just don't think it's fair of Jay to have his friend Arnie on, and not me," Carey said in a statement. "I think Jay would really like me once he got the chance to meet me. And I'd be a better interview since I'm much cuter and speak better English."

first of all, the whore doesn't have a chance in hell of winning. second, who cares about a female porn star doing anything but giving men hard-ons and fucking their brains out?

--i'm done; stick a fork in me--


All information in this blog have been taken from other sources. The corresponding links are embedded in the text.

11 September 2006

Blog Number Twenty-One: 11 September 2001

This blog will be a different kind of the normal blog we here at the Edge usually slap together, as today is a different kind of day.

Today is 11 September 2006, and five years ago two planes crashed into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, one plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, and a forth plane crashed into the Pentagon killing nearly 3,000 innocent people.

Five years ago, the crew and I were back on the beautiful Palouse in Eastern Washington. I was overcoming a wicked hangover and skipping a few classes. My roommate at the time came into my room, emotional and a bit incoherant. All he said was, "Those fucking bastards attacked us; we're being attacked."

I didn't know what to think, but selfishly, I was pissed I was awoken from a sexy dream I was having about Jenna Jameson, Cindy Crawford, and yours truely. I got dressed, went into the front room and watched the TV as the second plane hit.

I remember seeing the plane hit and I felt numb, listless, and wanting to run. I didn't know where I wanted to run to, or where it was safe to run. I just knew I had to leave because, I figured, big bombs were sure to follow.

My roommate was crying, I then started to cry. Another one of my roommates came into the front room and he dropped his bookbag, sat on the floor, and he started to cry.

The events of Sept. 11 touched each individual in a different way.

We here at the Edge will never forget those who died on the planes, in the buildings, or have never been found.

We here at the Edge ask you never forget as well.